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    Traxxas Link (c)

    The new TQi with the iPod/iPhone hook up, can that be used with Nitro cars, or is this just for the Electric? And if i have a "traxxas link" radio, can i just buy the dock, and its good to go, or do i need the transmitter as well

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    This was already posted here:

    If you read the last page of the TQi flyer linked in that thread, you'll see that there are sensors that let you use the TQi on nitros, but you'll have to buy them separately (at least for now).

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    The docking base is only for the TQi transmitters, not for the previous Traxxas Link radios.
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    depends which receiver you have i presume , if you have one of there newer receivers it might link up , but as stated you wont get the telemetry from hooking up the ipod if you dont have the telemetry sensors in place .. But I have bought a tq radio with 2218 reciever . Im gonna see if it will link to it ..

    on a another note .. the radio and 2218 reciever i did buy , i hooked it up to a differnt non traxxas on road car . Everything works and they both link up except the steeering is reversed , and it seems like if your not using it just letting it sit .. The radio cuts off from the receiver and then if you touch the throttle or steering , it takes a sec then reconnects .. Is this normal or did I buy someones used junk .

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