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    battery usage question please read

    my buddy has a 1/16 erevo and we were wondering

    can you run the car with a series connector with two 6cell batteries one battery is a 1200mah battery and the other battery is a 1600mah battery

    also can you run this battery setup with a parrallel conector

    what im asking is can you runn both type batterys in any combonation

    one is a 1200mah 6cell traxxas powercell
    the other is a 1600 mah 6cell duratraxx

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    no you cant needs to be the same MAH rating/value as one will drain more than the other. i dont recommend it.
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    Series, no. They need to be the same or you will get poor performance as the drained cells restrict power flow from the cells that still have juice in them.
    Parallel is ok as each pack drains at its own rate.

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