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    Soldering Traxxas plugs

    Got my LiPos a week ago and hadn't got time 'til today to prepare them for my ERBE.

    Bought 3 sets of ******* LiPos...

    2 sets of **********s 2S 6000mAh 25C and 1 set of 2S 5000mAh 40C...

    The 6000mAh came with small deans plugs on 'em and the 5000mAh came with bullet plugs...
    I decided to solder Traxxas plugs on all of the 6 batteries... but... the 5000mAhs come with huge wires !!!
    8 AWG !!!

    Talk about a pain in my bottom trying to fit those jumbo wires into the female Traxxas plugs...

    Time consuming and I have to admit I'm starting to loose my mind a bit so I decided to take a little break l
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