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    Why can't this newb get his spur gear off!?!?!?!?

    Hello all,

    Iím having a problem with my spurgear replacement and really need any help on how to get it off the post. Thereís a little grove that the gear sitís in and after taking out the 3 small screws that hold the slipper clutch to the spur gear itself I canít get it past the post itís mounted on.

    I know this may be stupid but I canít find a youtube video showing this, or a web post so it make me think I did something wrongÖ like why am I the only one that canít seem to just slide this gear off, add the new one and readjust the meshing with the pinion.

    Am I supposed to undo something else that allows the shaft to move or that allows me to lift it that tinny bit I need to get the gear off? Am I supposed to get the bearings off first?

    I hate being such a newb but for the life of me I canít get this gear off.

    Thanks in advance,


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    I remember running into the same thing. I can't remember how I got it to come off though! Haha.

    You can try popping the bearings out of the spur. That'll probably do the trick. Otherwise, there are 4 screws oh the bottom of the chassis that hold the transmission in place. If you loosen those 4 screws you'll be able to lift up the transmission enough to get the spur off. The 4 screws look much deeper than the ones that hold on the bottom skid plate. They're the bigger ones...they take a 2.5mm allen key I believe. If you can't figure it out let us know and I'll post picks.

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    jim, that bearing has a very snug fit, so for a newbie i would undo the nut and take it from there. the way your doing it can come off, you just have to give it a little extra force to pull it out.

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    1st reply got it right on. Either disassemble the slipper assembly while on the shaft so you can pop the bearing out if the spur, or take out the four screws holding the transmission in place.

    This is why I run 54T spurs in all my Revo's, that big 68T is too much of a hassle.
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    I did mine the way t bone suggested. Easiest way IMO.

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