I know i have been asking a lot of questions on here since i joined just a few days ago and prolly becoming a pain, but i just try to get all the info I can before I do something .. lol. I am going to be taking the jump to lipo's here soon and i have a few questions about charging them. I would like to get one of those chargers capable of charging 4 batteries at once. I have been doing some research on them and i found one thing they all seem to have in common. When it comes to charging middle size batteries ( 4000 to 5000 mah ) they will do ok, but how do they do with charging high MAH ones. It says on all the chargers I checked it can safely do a charge rate of 5 amp per battery. They say to preferrably charge lipo's at a 1C charge ( 5000 MAH = 5 amp charge, 4500 MAH = 4.5 amp charge and so on ). So the way i see it, I would be able to charge 4 5000 MAH ( 20 amps total ) batteries at one time. Your not supposed to rack up more amps than the power supply puts out ( most are 25 amps ). So does that mean they have a MAX of 5 to 6 amps per channel or could i charge 2 batteries at say 8.2 amps as long as I dont go over what the power supply puts out. Any info on this this would be highly appreciated, preferrably someone that has one and charges high MAH batteries with it.