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    new toy

    Ok lately I've been building a merv but tine for another toy...thinking about the summit.what are some pros and cons? What are some of the weak links that should be upgraded? What batts? Thinking 2 2s lipos, in parallel for run time?

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    2 2S LiPo's are fine, but with the stock ESC they are going to be ran in series.
    Take a look at the Summit FAQ (it is near the top of the threads) it has TONS of information on the Summit.
    Whatever it is I just typed... could be wrong.

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    2s is painfully slow. 3s is managable.
    The summit is a wonderful truck. Youll forget all about your puny 1/16.

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    Get some 8000mAh 2s LiPos, and you can run forever!
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