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    Wiring up a CC BEC Pro with a separate battery just for servos and lights.

    I wrote out a big long post, but then I decided that was stupid.

    Gonna get a CC BEC Pro and run it off a hardcase 2s 5000mah lipo. I don't plan on buying a receiver battery. I plan on having one of the outputs from the BEC power just the LED functions (and I plan on adding more LEDs because I'm pretty interested in night driving). I'm going to remove the LED connection from whatever servo is currently plugged into channel 5 because that bugs me for some reason and I plan on putting a switch on the circuit.

    The other lead needs to supply power to the Rx and all the servos. . . somehow. Every slot is full, so what's the best method to connect the BEC? I may go single steering servo in the future this freeing up a channel, but for now, the stock servos are fine. Can they be wired together or with a Y-splitter? How would this affect their operation?

    I'm aware I'll need to remove the red wire from the ESC. I'm also aware the ESC will need to be grounded still, but since the BEC and ESC are not sharing a common battery, I'm wondering WHAT the ESC needs to be grounded to. Can I just leave the black wire as-is?

    I'd like to view these are two completely separate circuits. The BEC powered off a separate battery powering the servos, and the ESC powered off two other lipo batteries running the motor. I think the signal and ground wire coming from the ESC to the Rx are making things more complicated than I would like.

    I've spent hours searching for this but haven't found an answer yet.

    Ohhh yeah, so the actual questions are:

    1. What's the best way to wire the BEC to the Rx given that all the channels are full?
    2. How do I make sure the system is properly grounded?
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