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    my stampede IS NOT WORKING!!!

    I got my stampede last Christmas and its my first traxxas. i had used it ALOT then i dident use it for a while (like a week) and i took it out to use it and the wheels turned but it would not move. i am thinking of taking it to my local hobby shop, but i don't have a very large budget... so i thought i would see what i could find out. HELP!!!

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    Could be the motor, is it an xl5? Did you check the hexes are they stripped? If it is new Traxxas should help you under warranty.

    Really need more details....
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    Ok you said the wheels turned but it didn't move right? If so Id say glue your tires to your wheels.

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    More important than the wheels turning... does the MOTOR turn when you apply the throttle? Does the steering work? What are the lights on the ESC doing. Knowing if its an XL5 or a VXL truck would help also.

    First step is letting us know if the motor is working or not. If its not, it could be an ESC problem or the motor could be fried.

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