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Thread: Traxxas 3300 3s

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    Traxxas 3300 3s

    I bought this battery brand new and Im using an onyx 235 and it never gets to reach full MAH or even close to it. It usually charges for about 10 mins with the MAH around 150 to 390, and the cells are at 4.25.
    The battery doesent get warm and it usually lasts for about 10 mins using a VXL 3s. Can somebody help me out?

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    are you running it all the way to LVC? It should cut your power at the preset cutoff voltage on the esc. Run the battery until
    LVC kicks in and then charge it. Obviously it won't charge to 3300 since lvc should be cutting that off early. I have the same
    charger, it works great. I can only assume you turned your esc to lipo mode?? If you ran the lipo all the way down without
    LVC enabled then you may have killed the battery

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    The runtime on avarge for a 3300 is around 10 to 15 min. It depends on hard you run it.
    If the battery is new it comes with a charge, it is not dead. A lipo will never be drained, because of the lvc.
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