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Thread: Charging Times

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    Charging Times

    Is there a magic formula or chart somewhere that shows charge times....

    Charge 5000mah Nimh by 4amp=Charge Time.....

    Something like that?

    I don't have a fancy charger yet (2.5amps Max)......
    and I don't want to wait around forever and would like

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    I have a 3000mah, I charge it at 4 amps and it takes about 50 minutes to fully charge. For a 5000mah charging at only 2.5 amps i'm sure it will take around 1.75 hours. If you can get a faster charger you could charge it at up to 5 amps but it will reduce your battery's life.

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    Divide mAh by the charging amps will give you approx time. mAh stands for milliampere per hour so if you charge a 5000mAh at 5A it takes 1 hour.
    Charge 5000mAh at 4A = 1.25 hrs (1 hour 15 minutes)
    800mAh charged at 1.5A = 533 (.5 hours or 1/2 hour)
    RCtecUSA is right on, charging over 1A will reduce battery life.
    Rule of thumb charging at 1/2 your capacity is optimal for batt life but not punch, you should find a comfort zone for you and your batts

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    heres how to work it out.
    (5000mah / 4A) / 1000 = 1.25 x 60 = 75minutes
    (800mah / 1.5A) / 1000 = 0.533 x 60 = 32minutes
    capacity, divided by charging amps, divided by 1000, times by 60minutes.
    I think it works out right i only tried with these two examples.
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