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    Traxxas TQ link 2.4 range

    I recently bought a Jato and was wondering what the range was on the transmitter. I was out the other day and wanting to make some high speed passes but was worried about the range. I am used to planes and there is no worry on range on them. Is the surface 2.4 the same. I was in question because the transmitter only uses 4 AA cells which I guess is technically a 5-cell pack. Do they make a pack for the transmitter? Also what is the plug in the battery compartment for?

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    I can't say for sure what the range is...But I've seen mine work 800+ ft away......

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    I have verified 800+ feet also. I think the plug is for testing, but I'm not sure.
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    they are claiming a 2 mile range though i dont dare test this theory. here is a view inside my 2.4 for your question about the battery pack. now looking at that pay me no attention i thought for a battery pack but maybe another switch or board?
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