I did the 14.4 dewalt swap in my summit. I am having some issues with the leads not staying soldered on. 3 different people have tried soldering them as well and I get 4 to 5 runs out of it before the break off. I know there are a ton of dewalt topics already and I looked through them for help on everything else but did not see anyone having this issue. I am running 18T pin and 54T spur. The motor gets warm but it is not overheating. If I drip some water on the motor it does not sizzle and it just runs off so I dont think the solder is melting. I have looked at some high temp. solder online and just wondering if anyone has used this before or am I not getting a good enough connection on the motor. I am running 2s batteries that are 5200 MAH 30c. I have had it come off using stock batteries as well. Thanks