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    Offroad tire suggestions

    Hey everybody! Been driving my KB Rally outdoors a lot recently, but since it has snowed, and I live in an area with a lot of dirt I have been looking into some offroad tires. Do you have any suggestions for some tires that will grab the dirt well?

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    the 1/16 slash tires should work good, there is a pic of a rally in the gallery that has those tires on it, hpi racing also makes some tires that look good for off roading too, if you goto the 1st page on the gallery you will see both cars im talkin about. hope this helps you decide on tires
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    the slash tires work fine if you like the wheels they come on.


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    I like the hpi rally tires off road and the tamiya rally block tires in the snow. havent used the tamiya's in the dirt yet thou
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    I just bought a set of these

    and these

    they work really good where im at.

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    I have the 1/16 Slash tire that I use on my Rally. I don't really care for the look but the traction is actually pretty good even on asphalt. One negative to the tires is that they rub the body quite a bit from ballooning. Otherwise there great. Here is a pic of my rally with them on and the size comparison to the stock Rally tire. You might notice to that I raised the body to help keep it away from taking the paint off.

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