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    hot racing slipper clutch?? erbe

    hey guys , i melted my standard slipper unit due to it not being set correct so now ive just recived my new upgrade its a hot racing heavy duty slipper unit and 6 pads to go with it, now im having problems rebuildin it as it seems like i need to recycle some parts from the old slipper as the hot racing 1 dont come total compleate but this is a problem because i totaled the old slipper and all washers and the bearing washer was also totaled ive looked at the instructions but its not the same on the hot im havin problems gettin this new 1 to fit correct? dose anybody know how or has anybody already fitted the hot racing slipper? pics or instructions would be a massive help..

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    you will need to reuse the stock metal plate the pads slip on, bearing, spring, nut, pin, and everything short of the stock pressure plate and slipper hub which is what comes in the hr upgrade. If those stock parts are unusable you'll just have to buy them. Sorry, I didn't realize those parts were completely destroyed from your original post or I would have mentioned that.
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