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    Question on facebook

    Hi all;
    One friend asked me to create some facebook accounts because he is not able to do it (he is not a boss with the PC…).
    Ok, no problem, I think: some new email accounts, different names and surnames and everything is ok.
    After the first account facebook ask me for the confirmation with an sms, maybe is my IP address?
    I change email, change IP, delete the cookies but it is the same, it always ask me a phone number and the confirmation by Sms.
    If I change browser I can create a new one but at the second the problem appear again.
    I reset the pc but nothing: I think that if I change the pc maybe I will have the same problem.
    At this point it is a personal issue for me : how can facebook understand that it always me that create a new account and not another person that is creating his first account?
    Do you know which parameter facebook use to ask or not this phone number?
    Another doubt: if you are in an internet point how do you connect? everyone must insert his mobile number?
    Thank you for your help.

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    It's a security measure Facebook introduced not long ago, I like it, helps a lot if someone trys to hack your account...

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    talking about Facebook ....who runs the official Facebook page for Traxxas ....yesterday the person who runs the page made a VERY HURTFULL and uncalled for comment about my profile pic( which is of me and my son ) .....someone needs to remind this person that with out customers Traxxas would be nothing i have been a proud traxxas customer since the late 80's and i dont need to be made fun of on the internet!
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    I assume you missed it, but as soon as you posted your reply to my comment on Facebook I apologized to you within the comment string for all to see, and offered to take the post down. When I didn't see a response from you within the next 30 minutes or so, I went ahead and took it down anyway and messaged you an apology via Facebook.

    I won't re-post the original comment, since you found it so troublesome, but I do want to make clear to those viewing this thread that I did not make fun of Ryan's son. I teased Ryan in the vein of calling him an old man, which he is not, which is what qualified the comment as a joke (to me, at least). Lesson learned: a comment that I think is obviously lightheated and a goof might be considered "very hurtful" by you or others.

    I offer my sincere apology again. No offense, or hurt, or mean-spiritedness was intended, and your support of Traxxas is deeply appreciated.

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