hey guys,

so I recently got the revo 3.3, which i havent used in the last month due to the weather. its been raining
for the last month. so today i had plans to take the car out as it was sunny, but thought ill charge the
batteries first, ive got the 5-cell NiMH and the EZ start 6-cell batteries which came with the revo package.

My question is the batteries have been charging for about 9-10hrs straight and the red light on the
chargers havent turned green. When i switch the charger off it turns green but when i plug the batteries in the stock chargers that came with the car it goes to red saying its not charged.

do I need to charge them longer since I havent touched them in over a month? the 5-cell gets pretty warm when its charging.

any help/info would be great.