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    Slayer won't roll?

    I have replaced clutch shoes many times and bell shoes a couple times and was wondering whats going on....then my last time out noticed that the car seemed to be breaking when i wasn't applying the brake. I put it on the bench and went to roll it forward and it wouldn't. Removed the motor and it still wont roll. Whats up?

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    What you need to do is isolate where the stoppage is happening. Remove the center diffs from both sides of the transmission. Turn the rear tires together...spin? Turn the front tires together...spin? Turn the spur gear by hand...spin? By doing this you have isolated the front diff, rear diff and transmission so that you know where the problem lies.
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    Do u have the center diff with rear brake set up?

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    Did you take out your front or rear diff? If so probably one of them is in backwards?

    Try picking up your truck from the front and dragging it, does it roll? Now do the same with the rear.. Maybe one of your diffs has an issue? Either way this will help you narrow down what the problem is not.

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    Check your drive shaft pins. One came loose on me and it got jammed.

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