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    spec racing Mustang

    im thinking of racing a 1/16 traxxas chassis ( mustang) in our club
    but not sure if i should go brushed or vxl?
    are the chassis and parts the same ? just is the motor & motor plate are dif.?
    if i used the brushed could i just use a bl system i have?
    some one at the club said my the car would be too top heavy? really?

    what do you guys think? any info would be great

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    yes the car is genaraly top heavy the brushed is worse fo that becuase of the high bigger motor

    but for brushed or brushless it would depend on what classes are at your club
    other than that the chassis are the same sept for esc,motor,radio ,motor mount and plate,gearing
    i have though about racing the chassis but i havent rilly wanted to just bacuase i dont know what im doing as far as class, tuning and upgrades,

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    The 380 brushless is a power house in these cars. If i were gonna race on on road i would use the 380 brushless from traxxas. i wouldn't on the other hard use the stock esc. If you were only gonna be on 2s or 1 nimh i would say sidewinder sv2. lots of tuning options or for 3s or 2 nimh series racing i would say a mamba max pro. But ive been running the stock esc for bashing in a merv and rally and have had no problems yet.

    Plus you'll probably want some 1/10 touring car rubber grip tires the stock traxxas ones are terrible
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    Dont you dare go brushed, it is a waste of money, more maintenence, and less power.
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