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    2s lipo in series

    I know it says on the site that you can not run either of the traxxas 2s or 3s lipos in series, but I want to. I
    have the 2s and i think i will be okay. What is your input RC fanatics?

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    I've thermaled the esc a few time on my mini summit just with two stock batteries in a series. In my opinion I wouldn't do it unless you get a different esc. Even with a Mamba Max pro and feeding that little 380 motor 4s the motor itself probably would get pretty warm.

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    The stock ESC WILL NOT handle 2S in series.
    Whatever it is I just typed... could be wrong.

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    I tried this and the ESC won't operate (literally, I got a blinking red ight) with a voltage input over 14.4v. (lipo 8.4x2=16.8)

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    it will if you take the ESC out of lipo mode, but I would HIGHLY advise you not to do it

    it's bad for more than the obvious reason of possibly killing a lipo because of the low voltage cutoff being turned off
    fix, run, break, repeat

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