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    Question Traxxas Slash VXL or Summit VXL

    I am new to rc hobby and I am thinking what whould be the best starter car.
    I have already been driving some rc cars but those were all brushed versions.
    So I am thinking of getting a 1:16 scale Traxxas Slash VXL or the Summit VXL.
    I am planning to drive it on grass, snow and muddy terrain.
    For now I am leaning towards the Summit VXL as it looks more off-road vehicle
    than the Slash.

    Any suggestions are aprecciated!

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    slash vxl has a narrower wheel base - read, it flips over easier, even with the smaller tires. Smiit vxl ihas the larger tires and LT rovkers giving it more ground clearance - better off road. Slash is best on flat dirt race tracks. Read up in the e-revo 1:16 forums for better details.
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    Yeah I have a 1/16 slash and its not very good off road. Hitting a dime sized rock sends it out of control. And as for grass?? Forgetaboutit! On the street or baseball infield, fun stuff.

    I would go with the summit though.....or 1/16th revo.
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    watch some videos of them and figure out which suits you best. id recommend the 1/10 summit just because it goes more places than ANY other rc. and remember that the 1/16 summit isnt really a summit (imo it gives a bad name to the real summit) its just a 1/16 e-revo with summit body, bigger tires and LT rockers.. no remote locking diffs or manual 2-speed.. should of been called merv wheeler edition or something similar...
    custom summit crawler parts lol

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    Thank you for replies!
    So I finnaly made my choice, I am getting the 1:16 E-revo, because it is more a basher, I also heard that the 1:16 summit
    breaks more often than the E-revo, and E-revo is a bit cheaper.

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