Ok. It was a gift for my daughter, and I use it too on Christmas. It has never been mishandled. I'm hoping one of you can tell me what's wrong with it?

I've done only 1 upgrade to it -- I added a Traxxas heat-sink to the motor. It was a little messy and some of the white conductor goo came out the sides which I just left because it didn't interfere with the esc or the gear screw that turns.

I've used it 5 times since then and I have noticed that it actually overheats more and the heatsink gets way hotter than the motor ever did. I've been good about giving it proper cool down periods when that happens.

Now something new has occurred: It just stopped working. My battery had good life on it. When I disconnected and reconnected the battery with the radio on the light goes light red (as if it were in non-lipo mode); when I turn the radio off and reconnect the battery the light goes solid green like its good to go... but as soon as the radio gets turned on the light goes back to the same faint red, and there is no power -- but I can hear that there is power going to the car from the battery.

It's extremely weird. My initial thought is the esc just pooped out, but then again, I can't help ignoring the fact that since I've installed the heat sink, it's actually seems worse off -- maybe because I used to much conductor goo.

Any help would be much appreciated.