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    MT slash gearing question

    My slash 4x4 has 2.8 talons at the moment. Ordering proline tires and rpm wheels. And the truck is lifted as high as it will go. VXL.

    I changed the pinion gear to a 9t. Now...the truck seems very slow. Not much stops it...but is slow. Would changing the spur gear help? The spur is what came stock in the truck. I want it to be a beast in the mud... but also have alittle more speed. Let me know.


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    yes to question 1. stock pinion is 13t the option pinion that comes with the truck is 18t. atleast go up to stock 13t if temps are to high try a 12 or 11t those will be faster than the 9t you can gear the stock motor from 9t to the 18t/54. jsut make sure you check your temps as you go

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    Upgrade to the mamba max pro and the sct 2400 motor and be done with it. Run 3s on a 18t pinion all day if you like.
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