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Thread: List of wheels?

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    List of wheels?

    Is there a list of wheels that fit the Buggy 2.2" Dirt Hawgs? Is not, can you guys list some for me? Thanks in advance!

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    The favorite seem to be the HPI mesh wheels. I have not tried them myself thought. I put some dirt hawgs on some HPI scorch wheels. The wheels were 50mm wide so I had to stretch the tire a bit when gluing. They have held up great so far.

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    Do you need to use foams with the HPI mesh wheels and tires?

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    hpi mesh wheels are truck width, not buggy width

    you must decide what you want..... you will need to glue your tires, get comfortable with that

    you need to use foams, you also need to strap the tires with tape on the inside so they don't balloon at speed....

    there are tons of buggy wheels.... do a search.... no 2 people are alike, and there is no perfect setup for everyone

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