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    vxl-3s problem...

    my esc vxl3s started to have a sticky button ....and kept sticking and puffed my one of my lipos (i guess it set it self to nimh)
    I ended getting mad and cutting off most of the wires

    so after sitting on my shelf for 6 months I decide to take it a part

    it was a epoxy block of plastic. it was really hard to get it out of its case

    so after getting it apart I removed the rubber button and resoldering the wires/plugs back on

    and now it seems to work

    im thinking of using Thermal Paste with the heat sink have any of you guys tried that?

    I have to resolder the motor wires tho

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    Looks like a mess haha, Good luck with the repair
    RX8 Powered E-revo

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