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    Monthly photo contest

    The contest below runs on our Facebook page every month. This post was created so Facebook readers can be given a link to the rules rather than have me repost them on the "wall" each time someone asks about them.

    Entries are due by the last day of the month. Entries are posted in a gallery and the winner is announced on the first day of the next month (or the first weekday if the first falls on a Saturday or Sunday).

    PRIZE: Different prize each month. We've done Traxxas hoodies, Big Bore aluminum shocks, a Velineon system...check at the Traxxas Facebook page for the latest prize.

    1. Submit your photo(s) to Feel free to post them on the Wall to share, but the ONLY way to be officially entered in the contest is to email your pics to

    2. You MUST save each photo as your name so we can see who submitted the pic! For example, if your name is Joe Smith and you submit two photos, you would save the photos as "Joe_Smith_1" and "Joe_Smith_2." If you do not do this, your photo(s) will not be entered in the contest. The name of your email doesn't matter, you need to name the PHOTOS.

    3. The photo has to be of a Traxxas vehicle

    4. No photos involving fire, fireworks, animals, jumping over people, etc. Safety first!

    5. The photo must be one that you took, or a photo of your vehicle. In other words: don't send us a pic you found on Google.

    6. This is not a Photoshop contest. You can use Photoshop or similar tools to crop your photo, adjust the contrast and hue, or make other fixes, but adding blurs, filters, compositing images, adding titles or graphics, etc. is not allowed.

    7. All entries must include your name and address.

    8. Not a must-have, but a little info about the photo is nice too ("Here's my Slash with Pro-Line paddles at Pismo beach.")

    Photos will be judged by the Traxxas photographer. Remember, it's the quality of the PHOTO that counts, not the coolness of the vehicle in the photo. No matter how clean and tricked-out your ride is, you won't win the photo contest if your photo just shows it sitting on your kitchen table.

    Even if you didn't hear about this contest via Facebook, you are still invited to join! Entries and winners will be posted at, be sure to look there if you enter--this post is just a home for the rules. --Pete
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