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    How to use Castle link on mmp sct

    Do you have to get the Castle Link USB Programming Kit to program the mmp sct, because in the drivers ed book that it comes with it says that mamba escs have a usb plug built in but i can't find it?

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    Yes you must get it...

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    I think the mamba monster has the port. on the mmp you unplug the wire from from the rx and then either buy the castle adaptor or the field programming card and plug it into them. Then there is a mini USB port on each if those.
    Hope that helps

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    Only the older Mamba Max had a built in USB port, every other Castle ESC requires the adapter

    ESC can be manually programmed for most functions, but the software makes life a lot easier

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    You might as well get the field link. You don't need a computer to adjust it. You can then plug the USB into the field link to connect it to your computer. It's around the same price.
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