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Thread: cvd help

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    cvd help

    I was wondering if anyone can tell me what part number for cvd shafts I need for my revo 2.5,its a 5310 I beleive. I got some rdlogics for a t-maxx 2.5 but theyre guite a bit to short. Will the traxxas 5451R be long enough for my revo?

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    That's because the CVD's you bought for the 2.5 T maxx are for the old style maxx drive line.

    The Traxxas #5451R is made for your Revo.
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    i bought a full set of rd logics cvd's for my revo. the center cvd's will not fit. i have the center diff and rear brake setup also, is there a way to make the cvd's work on my setup up or did i just waste some money?

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