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    Question what would it take to make a custom

    what would it take to make a custom rear solid axial sct?

    i have been thinking about the sct for some time and i had some options convert my summit to a slayer hybrid but im not sure if they will let me in a race with a over powered super tank or my pede to a rwd slash i can see it but i still want my pede
    i just need somthing diffrent than the rest of the other sct truck so how do i lay it out

    i plan to put either a 550,dual 550or 775 but up front over the indapentiant suspension like a regular scale truck (not sure if i will use the slash parts for the front suspensions or not) with a sliper plate and the drive shaft going throught the midle of the chassis to the axial
    now for the battery im thinking to counter balence the wheight is to put it as close to the rear as possible length ways stead of how the batterys go in the slash
    chassisi was thinking just a plate of aluminum

    sorry got to go i will finish later

    thank you guys for readig this and your opinions /guidence

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    Check out the RC4WD Hardcore Slash G10 kit. It pretty pricey, but it may give you some insight as to how to proceed with your build. Post some pics if you do it. Sounds cool!
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