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    Maintained my front shox the first time. One was nearly emtpty, but no oil on the Chassis, where has it gone??

    Noticed that my front diff, which i had rebuild the last days, feels a tad to tight in one spot, after putting everything back in place.
    Its my new alloy bulkhead with a fresh ring 'n pinon, two 0.2 shimms on the ring and one 0.2 on the pinion. Sigh, will took the front apart again.

    Changed my tire plans. I ordered two pairs of Prolines closed cell buggy read inserts.
    Cobras fault . Thanks Petertje for the link, i found a shop in germany now, that has them for 7,50€ and cheaper shipping too.

    The closed cell inserts will go inside a spare set of fresh Dirt Hawgs on the RPM Revolver wide wheelbase for onroad.
    The Calibers will use the trimmed stock white foam insert on RPM Clawz wide wheelbase for offroad.

    I forgot I have to wait for a shipment of barrel-nuts from Junfac/Korea, before i can mount the RPM wheels the way i planned. So no problem to wait on the inserts.

    going to bed now.
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