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    Question Help With New Car Running

    Hey guys, I just got this car the other day (MODEL 6808)- took it out the box and charged the battery. Now after reading the owners manual it is telling me that I must just turn the ESC on, run the car with it off (on red) since it is not a LIPO battery. It says if I put the ESC to green it will cause a lot of interference with the car. Now when I try to drive the car with it on red, I get maybe 30 seconds of driving and then its like it loses the signal and wont drive anymore, the ESC then keeps flashing RED and the only way to make this stop is to unplug the battery (Battery is fully charged, been charged for 9 hrs), if I unplug battery and turn it back on, hold the button for 10 secs to turn the light to green, then the car can be driven and it stutters but it drives. Please give me some advice how to set this or what is going on so I can enjoy my car and drive it.

    Thanks for your time.

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    With the ESC working with the green light on, the ESC has a low voltage cut-out. The low voltage cu-out protects LiPO batteries from getting dischaarged too much and damaged. If LiPO's become discharged too much they become paper weights - no longer useful as batteries. The problem with running NiMH batteries with the low voltage protection on, is that NiMH batteries voltage drops quickly when they are being used or discharged. So with the green ESC light on, the low voltage cut-out is active and with a NiMH battery, you can only run for a very short time before the low voltage cut out kicks in and basically shuts the car down. The stuttering may be related to the low voltage circuit starting to kick in.
    I am not sure, but I might try putting new batteries in the radio transmitter, the 4 AA's. You could also call Traxxas or the store that sold you the car if changing the transmitter bodies didn't help.

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