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    Portable Charging station

    Okay so my friend and I want to make a portable charger using a car battery and the traxxas quick charger how many times would you be able to charge a 7.2 volt battery with 3300mah. What would be.the.mathematical equation to figure other size battery combos.

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    if my "i have had a few drinks already" math is anything close to on point....i deep cycle would be your best bet becuase they have a higher Amp hour rating. For instance, @ 72 amp hour rated battery and you're drawing 5 amps (MAX) through your charger, that battery will last you 14.5 hours...ish. if it takes your 30 minutes to charge an RC battery, then you will get roughly 29 charges over that 14 hours.

    If you are running RC cars that hard and that long, I would have to say....GET A JOB - LOL

    depends on your charger/s ( the amp draw) and the amp hour rating of your battery

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