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    Newbie with an Opal 10T Triple and stock 2wd slash question!

    New to R/C and have a 2wd Slash stock. Guy at the track gave me an old opal 10t triple to use since I'm having issuses with crossover jump (geared to 19/86 and just barely make it). So far Proline GridIron tires are my only mod.

    Now the questions:
    1) Will it fit (haven't tried yet).
    2) will this run with the stock xl-5?
    3) If yes/yes, then what gearing to start with?


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    1 yes
    2 no
    3 n/a, if you do find an esc that can run a 10t brushed motor in such a heavy truck, find the absolute smallest pinion, and absolute largest spur you can find( biggest spur I have heard of is a 92 tooth Hot Racing spur)> Check your motor temps after 5 min on the track. That is a really hot brushed motor for a traxxas truck, and will be hard, if not impossible to gear for. Good luck.
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