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    6 Amp Charger Question.

    Today I purchased the new Traxxas 6 amp charger. I used it to do a balance charge to a new 5000 mah 2s battery pack. I had been charging the pack for almost an hour and the charger went off and I had suspected it was finished charging, but where the words FULL were supposed to be there was CAPA. My chargers cut off is set to 5000 mah which is the way it came out of the box. Did I just hit the cut off point, or did it finish balancing my pack?

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    adjust your MAH cutoff on the charger and set it to like 5300mah if your only going to be charging your 5000mah lipo.
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    I agree that your pack is not full. You can start the charge again and the battery will be charged to capacity with no harm to either charger or battery pack. Thereafter, set your capacity cutoff slightly higher.
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