Hey all!

I’m sort of new to the hobby, sort of old…let me explain. My brother and I got our first RC car 10+ years ago now, a RTR RC10T3. We had some great fun with it over the years, but my brother (older) did the majority of the work on it. Still, with the closest track an hour and a half away, and with limited money, it mostly got limited usage off and on mostly during the summers.

Fast forward to present day, recently got a new job in Winston-Salem, NC, and after work one day, discovered not only an RC shop (King RC), but a very nice off-road RC course along with it, just a few minutes from where I work. Needless to say I pulled the old car out after several years of dormancy, dusted it off, and began driving it on occasion (though old tech, car troubles, and weather—not weatherproof tech) kept me from running more than once a week. Got a new battery for it (Venom 3600mAh 7.2V 6 cell) since the old ones couldn’t hold a charge for more than about 2 min.

As I said, I didn’t do a lot of work on it before, mostly my brother, but I began messing with things, taking things apart, putting them back together, and just having fun with it. A new (old) hobby was (re)born! Anyway, after seeing how outdated everything was I had 2 options, upgrade everything on the RC10T3 (brushless motor, ESC, etc), an old truck which can’t really match the big boys these days, or get a new one.

From the forums I’m in, you can guess, I got a new 2wd Slash VXL…had it just about a week now and love the thing. Whereas the T3 would break rather often…mostly due to the open wheels not liking objects too much, this thing has already been flipped, rolled, endoed, and crashed and never lost a beat. Now that the intro is over, I had a few questions and would like a few suggestions.

First, a guy I’ve seen at the track here a number of times (he races there every month and owns owns probably 5+ trucks) let me try one of his 2s Lipo batteries (a 5000mAh Dynamite SpeedPack), and I must say, I NEED a Lipo. Faster, more powerful, and longer lasting than the stock battery (which I was impressed enough with…but all I had to compare to was my RC10T3). It seemed like a great battery, and I believe he said new they were about $50. I’ve also read on here lots of people seem to like the SPC 5000mAh 2s Lip that is about $30. Is the SpeedPack worth the extra $20? Are there any other recommendations in that range for Lipo’s?

Obviously a new Lipo would require a new charger. Same guy is offering to sell me one of his chargers (Hyperion EOS 0606i) used for $75 since he is trying to upgrade his Lipos and will need a new charger, new they appear to be about $110. Good deal? Or are there options out there for a cheaper, but still perfectly good, charger? I’m trying not to go all-in all at once, so if I can get a slightly cheaper charger now that works just fine, I can always upgrade in the future.

Tires. The stock tires are showing me quickly they’re not the greatest, at least at the track and other conditions I run in. The track tends to have very loose dirt on top and is harder packed underneath, and I also run it in an area where I live that has very loose “topsoil.” I’m reading Proline Gladiators may be good for that? (I’m hoping to find some cheap used ones to test out first if possible)

Tech question. Tried running my Venom battery in the Slash, it ran about 30 seconds, ESC shut off. Turned it back on, ran 30 sec, shut off again. Took it home, tried one last time, same result. Put the battery in my T3…ran perfectly fine. Stock settings on the truck (I ran my stock battery afterwards without issue). Any ideas?

Cleaning. Some say just hose her off, some take the electronics out. I’m a bit weary (not sure I want to risk destroying the electronics so early), but taking them out every time could be a pain (especially the motor…having to remesh the gears right each time). Suggestions? Perhaps I could invest in a cheap air compressor to blow the car dry…if there is such a thing as a cheap one?

I’ve been watching lots of Youtube vids and how-to’s (Ultimate RC has a lot), and just browsing these and other forums, but wanted to get some suggestions from you guys. If you guys have any other comments/suggestions regarding maintenance or “essential” items to have, please share them.