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    Question about Charge Rate and Other Stuff

    I just got 2x Traxxas 7600mah 2s lipos to run in my 1/10 Summit(yes, I know to watch temps and I have a LVA). On the battery it says the charge rate is 1c and max charge rate is 2c. Is it in any way harmful to charge a battery above the "Charge Rate" up to the "Max Charge Rate"? If not then why are there 2 different charge rates on the package? Also, is it bad to slowly charge(0.1-2.0 Amp) a Lipo?

    How water resistant are Traxxas lipos? I've seen crazy people on YouTube treating their 1/10 summit like a boat/submarine and that just looks like a horrible idea. Not sure what batteries they were using and I know waterproof lipos exist but it still seems like a bad idea.

    What could I do to protect the batteries from the little rocks that get in the battery compartment and possibly puncturing the heat shrink or worse, the actual cells.

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    1C charge rate is recommended and what your packs will be happiest at. 2C is a "not-to-exceed" but should not have an effect on the batteries with the possible exception of battery longevity. Knowing the penchant of Traxxas to be conservative with all their ratings, I'd hazard a guess you aren't risking much with the 2C rate. It isn't bad to slowly charge a LiPo, but is totally unnecessary.

    I try my best to never mix water and electrics or electronics. If I want to run a watercraft, I'll buy one.

    Use foam to ensure the cells do not bounce around. Empty any debris at each battery change and before/after each run. I've never had stones penetrate even standard heat shrink, much less the "rigid" covering of Traxxas packs.
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