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    Newbie - TQ2.4 vs TQi question

    Newbie just getting into the hobby so take it easy on me. Picked up 2 Slashes the other day and not knowing any different, got home to find one had the TQ2.4 radio and the other had the TQi. I thought it just had to do with the cars being different slashes (body cover only ...stil both Slash XL5). Well after running the cars, I looked online and found that one is the older radio. How big is the difference...seems to me it is mainly the dock for the iPod but wasn't positive. Is it worth upgrading? Will Traxxas do a trade up?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Functionally they are the same. The optional dock and lack of an external antenna are the big differences in the transmitter. The new receiver has telemetry ports built in - that's a pretty big difference there. If you never intend on purchasing the dock or telemetry sensors, what you are missing is a nicer, sleeker, and (I think) lighter transmitter package.

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