Well... I had some time today:

First indication of "there is something wrong"... metal chunks WELDED to the chassis!

Here are chunks of the brushes melted into the chassis.
I think they got hot... what you do think?

I wish I had a camera good enough to shoot inside of the motor... but it just wants to focus on the outside can. Anyway, the brush on one side is really wore... as a matter of fact it just fell out when I touched it with my screwdriver. The other side is completely gone... the square section is gone... half the arm is gone!

The 775 I just bought will last while I get a DeWALT on the way!!

I see no point in taking advantage of Traxxas... I have tortured this RC.
I will pay for my own play time.

Now, if this happend within the first few runs; I would have taken full advantage of the warranty program.