So I am going to begin building my "Ultimate Off Road Jato". Here is my canvas, help me make a master piece.

Share with me your vision and ideas for what it would take to build the ultimate off road Jato. I was going to buy a new OS motor, but my LHS gave me a TRX 3.3 motor that was turned in on the Power Up program. It looked brand new on the outside and was fairly clean on the inside. I took it apart and cleaned it up and feel certain that it will perform well. It still has enough pinch that I can not turn it over by hand. It literally feels like it hasn't not even been broken in yet. I think the guy just didn't know how to tune it and gave up and thought the motor was bad.

I have some parts already

  • Chassis - I plan on De-Anodizing it
  • Tires and Rim - Jato Split Spoke, de-chromed with Proline Badlands
  • GTR Shocks
  • Trinity Pipe
  • Spektrum receiver
  • RPM A-Arms
  • MIP Clutch

So tell me what other parts you think I should use and why? I will take all the ideas and opinions and choose what I can pull off cost wise and then build this master piece and share the progress I go. I will update the thread with pics. I travel a lot so it will probably take a couple of months to complete given my schedule.

Thanks for you ideas and time.