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    Are hot NiMH batteries after charging normal?

    Maybe a silly question, but I just charged some new NiMH 8.4v 5000 mah batteries using a new EZ-Peak plus. I set the current at 5A and Automatic for the charge amperage. For the majority of the charging period they were only mildly warm, but during the last 5-15 minutes they got super warm...difficult to hold. I don't have a temperature probe, so I don't know the actual temp.

    Am I doing something wrong or is this normal? I also charged some used 8.4v 3000 mah using 3A and the same thing happened.


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    if they are getting more than warm-warm then you might want to consider lower the amps to like either 4.5amps for the 5000mah and 2.5amps for the 3000mah nimh.
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    All 4 of my batteries do that as well. They're warm the whole time charging, then the last 10 min or so they get pretty warm/hot. I'm using the regular ez peak charger.

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    i have 2x 7cell 8.4 4500 mah and i use the wall charger from traxxas, charge it overnight for 8hrs or less and its nearly warm. best to charge it when its fully discharge. i get a good 25 mins run per batt.

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