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Thread: 6 ch?

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    6 ch?

    Does anyone know of any 6 ch piston grip style transmitter and receiver combos? I want to change ch 3 to handle rear steering, have ch 4 shift the transmission, and ch 5 lock the diffs, but I would need another ch to control the winch. Any help is appriected.

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    even if they made a 6ch pistol grip transmitter, you wouldn't be able to run the winch with the 6th channel. for traxxas only ch1-3 can be centred and with a winch you need a neutral/centred position, otherwise the winch would just keep going, but im only good with traxxas remotes, not aftermarket. hope theres other people in here that can help me with the aftermarket.
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    Might look at a the modded fs-gt3b.


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    When I wanted a 6 channel, I could not find any... unless you are willing to spend $800+
    (I just looked and I did not save that info on the $800+ one)

    So I built my own 8 channel LINK system. lol
    Whatever it is I just typed... could be wrong.

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