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    How to setup the KB for driving on gravel/offroad

    Hi folks, i' m new in RC scene and got the KB for birthday,
    Now i'm looking for information if it is possible to set up the car for driving in lite offroad-courses.
    Is it possible to change the chassis to a higher position? I know that the tires of the 1:16 slash will fit on the KB. Sure, Ken Block is a gymkhana freak, ;-) but he also drives in WRC, an on this rallys there is also gravel an mud. THX for any answers and help.
    Greets Holger

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    i don't have a KB, but i think their is a limiter inside the shock which makes it go closer to the ground. if you removed it( i dont know how to) it should raise it up some.

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    you can raise the rear suspension by installing front rockers on the rear as well

    can also increase your pre-load on the springs

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    Pick up a set of Slash shocks (a cheap score off eBay, for example) and swap them out when it's time for off-roading. The main difference is the spacer inside the road shocks which keeps their stroke shorter. It's worth the $10 for a Slash set to not have to disassemble all your road shocks each time you want to change surface.

    So, longer shocks plus appropriate tires are all that you really need as far as parts to get you going... You'll need to adjust camber when you raise the car up and eventually you'll likely want to mess with springs and shock juice, but you need to get dirty first.

    There are a few achilles-heel issues with the 1/16 offroad tho... little rocks will get up into the center drive, little rocks will get into the spur/pinion, and little rocks will get into the steering works... These all have fixes with some ingenuity and cleverness. Check this thread for some inspiration:
    Rally-style-Rally (bunch of offroad pics thread)

    And this one for some fixes:
    Saving your Axles ! literally

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