These came in today... thought I would put up a little information on them.

First off, here are the part numbers:
********* 60amp ESC: TTS-60A
ESC Programing Card: TTS-60APC
S2848-4370 Inrunner: S2848-4370

Now for some pictures!!!

Here you can see motor length. (and my shocks)
It has the same diameter as the stock V380.

The ESC fits in between the slide-slots on the chassis.
It will be mounted on some plexi with double sticky foam tape and slid into this location.

Here is how much it hangs over the edge of the chassis with a 23/50 gearing.
It will be pushed out a little further with a larger spur or pinion.

This is with the fan installed.
(Yes, I am missing 3 screws... Yes, all 4 screws will install without an issue)

This is the clearance between the motor and the ESC heat sink.
The red ESC tray is making contact with the motor.

This is where I will put the ESC switch.

This is how I cut the rear body mount tower for the switch.
(notice the angle)

Switch installed.
I may drop some CA here... all depends on how it rides.
It really cannot go anywhere even if it falls out.

This is how much wire they give you... just enough without it being tight.

to be continued...