Here she is

-Obviously a second body (Decided to stick with the monster energy green)
-RPM Steering Knuckles (amazingly durable parts, really horrible hardware)
-100K Fluid in the shocks
-100K Fluid in the rear diff
-80K Fluid in the front diff
-Gearing - (Stock spur with the "high speed" pinion gear)
-Running dual lipos (series and parallel depending on the situation)
-2 extra diffs (plan on locking one with the traxxas diff lockers and stuffing the other one with putty)
-----[thus i will have 3 levels of rear "locked" diff

Planned Upgrades:
--I have some tires with a soft rubber tread on them and it is way too much grip
-----possibly looking into something with just a little tiny incey wincey bit more grip than the KB tires.
--Planning on getting some of the GTR shocks with some really stiff springs
--obviously gonna get some bigger and smaller spur and pinion gears

I also want a VW Golf/GTI or Jetta body, if you know where i can get one that will fit the KB please let me know.