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    My KB, showing off and asking opinions

    Here she is

    -Obviously a second body (Decided to stick with the monster energy green)
    -RPM Steering Knuckles (amazingly durable parts, really horrible hardware)
    -100K Fluid in the shocks
    -100K Fluid in the rear diff
    -80K Fluid in the front diff
    -Gearing - (Stock spur with the "high speed" pinion gear)
    -Running dual lipos (series and parallel depending on the situation)
    -2 extra diffs (plan on locking one with the traxxas diff lockers and stuffing the other one with putty)
    -----[thus i will have 3 levels of rear "locked" diff

    Planned Upgrades:
    --I have some tires with a soft rubber tread on them and it is way too much grip
    -----possibly looking into something with just a little tiny incey wincey bit more grip than the KB tires.
    --Planning on getting some of the GTR shocks with some really stiff springs
    --obviously gonna get some bigger and smaller spur and pinion gears

    I also want a VW Golf/GTI or Jetta body, if you know where i can get one that will fit the KB please let me know.

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    100K in the shocks! I bet they don't move! Agree with the RPM.
    I like the 4-Tec wheels/tires as they have more grip than the stock tires and do not have as much grip as, well, grippy tires.
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    The 100k shock oil was put in because i picked up some ace hardware springs, the springs are stiffer than anything you can get from traxxas and the heavy oil prevents them bouncing back too quick or too hard.

    next upgrade is some 1/16 slash tires and trimming the fiesta body back a little and taking it off road at the LHS short course track that theyre building, it looks like its meant for 1/10 scale stuff but nothing on it is too big so i figure a 1/16 should handle it well.

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