I just upgraded to Venom 25c 5000mah LiPo battery, and they tire set up they had to me go with is Panther front tires and Proline Suburbs in the rear for pushing. I am driving the Slash VXL 2wd. I have not run either one of these tires yet, I am yet to get it to the track with the new set up. I am also running -2.0 camber in the front and toe'd in -.5 in the front. I am running -1.0 camber in the rear. I run the slipper clutch pretty loose with about 2 - 3 feet of slip before it fully connects. I dont have a LCG chassis yet (yet to come) but I did lower the stance and run 40w oil in rear shocks and 35w in the front. Am I missing anything, or should I change anything??? Forgot to mention that I am racing indoors and on clay.