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    Going through Glow Plugs like crazy!

    I'm going through glow plugs (traxxas long - medium) like crazy. Literally, it takes about a half tank of fuel and the plug is fouled - fused inside, broken, dirty, etc. I thought it was temperature related, and took meaures to change fuels - still 20% - just an alternate brand known by the LHS to keep engines running cooler. I cut vents in the body, I ran as rich as possible, and still - going through glow plugs like crazy.

    Then I noticed some debris of some kind on the fouled glow plug wire - like a dark gray glob. Then, the next glow plug, I noticed some sort of metal flakes.

    I am presuming my engine is trashed. I inherited this project (T-Maxx 2.5) a few months ago from a long list of my son's uncles who were all going to "fix it" over the past 5 years. They never did, and I feel lucky to have even gotten it started, let alone run a few tanks through it before this.

    I need confirmation that my next step is sound in theory: either do the trade in program, and get a new 2.5R or 3.3, or take apart the engine, and start the process of replacing piston / sleeve / etc.

    I think I'd be better off doing the trade in.


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    Sounds like your engine bearings wore out, I would just do the trade in program. With metal flakes circulating through the engine there could be more damage than what is evident.
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    Agreed. There is internal engine damage. Time for new or rebuild.
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