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    some good passes today

    Went out and ran the XO-1 and the Slash today.

    The Slash is feeling dialed. I geared 73 mph, and it ran smooth and fast. I dialed the drag brake back to 8%, put timing on high. After running up to full speed, I'd roll out of the throttle and let it coast a bit. The drag brake does a great job of scrubbing speed quickly without spinning out.

    As speed would drop, I'd bring in brakes and finally turn it around. The new motor was loving it, ran 115 degrees.

    I'm geared 19/50 now, I've got a 24 pinion I can put in, that will raise my gearing to 92 mph. I'm not sure what the goal is anymore... but when it runs smooth and fast, I just want to give it more.

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