Alright, I opened my 2 channel TQi last night to see if the hardware would support 3,4,5 channels. what I found was slots for 3 and 4 under the trim knobs. the unfortunate side to this is the software will not allow me to find the 3/4 menu tree. I get 1 and 2 only.

Talking with Traxxas this morning, the programming is done at the manufacturing plant and that data isnt available outside the plant for use to program a 2 channel to a 4 channel.

I have trouble turning my computer on some days and I sure as heck dont think I can manipulate a program. So, here is where my mind is...

....the 2.4 has the full menu but I dont think that program will support Telemetry even if you added the hardware to the tx. IF some how we could copy the program from a 2.4 tx, we could at least have more channels but no telemetry, OR, copy the program from a 4 channel TQi and upload it to the 2 channel and add switches.

Again, the programming aspect eludes me, perhaps someone out there knows more than I do and can help out