Hi new guy here.
Father and Brother-in-law both race Associated SC10 2wd and got me going on this new hobby.
I'm more toward drifting since I used to drift full size cars so, I bought the KB just because it looked cool and I didn't like the tail lights of the Rally VXL.

anyway, after a few weeks of ownership, the slicks are well worn in. They slip in the parking lot much better and the car has stopped spinning around. Well, that and throttle control...

so, here are my questions and observations so far (running dual NiMH in paralell):

-It seems to not spin out as much with the 31t pinion. If I locked the rear diff, would it make sense to switch back to the smaller gear?

-I bought some soft slicks at the LHS and mounted stock hard slicks and soft slicks in different configurations.
Stock slicks in front with soft slicks in the rear = flip city with the 31t pinion.
Soft slicks in front, stock in rear = spin city with both pinions.
Soft all around = flip city with small pinion. Major body roll with both pinions.
Stock all around + 31t pinion = decent long drifts, not really any throttle flutter needed.
Stock all around + small pinion = decent drifts, throttle control required.

I have some parts on order:
-RPM hubs and A-arms
-pair of HPI wheels and tires (I think the X tread one)
-set of T-drift knock offs and pair of wheels from R2
-Jconcepts Slash body

I plan on getting:
-steel hollow balls
-diff locker
-aluminum toe control arms

Anything else I can do to make this drift better? Mods please merge threads if needed.