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Thread: steering issue

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    Question steering issue

    I recently bought a gymkhana fiesta brushed and it has not wanted to steer since I got it. I have put three new servos in it and nothing. I tried reprogramming it and it starttes steering but it is jerky and seems to want to accelreate randomly. I am scratching my head here, I wondered if anyone had any ideas or if since it has done it out of the box it is going to have to take a trip to traxxas to be repaired.

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    sounds liek it might be an esc issue, or you have a lot of binding present in the steering system. does the motor function fine without the random acceleration if the servo is removed?

    what radio are you using, and is it possible you are having issues of glitching due to radio interference?

    what servos are you using?

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    everything is box stock with the tq radio. My rustler uses the same radio and does not suffer from interference, the motor functions fine with or without the servo (2080). I have a feeling that it is indeed the esc and since it is under warranty I am just going to send it in for repair. I have already spoken to Traxxas to set it up. Thank you for your input

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    hello try this

    First try putting fresh batteries in the radio and in your vehicle. Make sure the antenna on your receiver is not cut short, and that it is all the way out to the end of the antenna tube. Make sure the antenna on the radio is up and that it is not damaged. Check the plugs in your receiver to make sure they are secure, that the steering is plugged into channel 1, the ESC is plugged into channel 2 and that none of the wires are pinched frayed or kinked.

    Start with radio turned off.

    Hold both menu and set.

    Turn radio on

    Release menu and set slow red blinking light

    Hold menu and set till light changes to green blink

    Release menu and set

    While holding steering at full left, press set.

    While holding steering at full right, press set.

    Light changes back to red blink

    While holding full throttle press set.

    While holding full breaks, press set.

    Light should now be solid green, factory endpoints reset has been finished.

    Finally reset your transmitter to its default settings. -
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